Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boehm Pond Ramble 10-17-09

We had another guided hike today on the Boehm Pond Trail. Here we are trying to figure out which way is North with Jame's help. Rich Skudlarek was our official photographer for today.

I thought that we were going to get washed out by the nor'easter, but we got the hike in ahead of it. One woman & her friends who came down from Litchfield started the hike early just to get it in before the rain. The trailhead is across the street from #98 Farmill Street.

Here's Ryan Gallagher with Mike Gjoni, Mike's mom & their very well-mannered puppy. They use the trail often since they live around the corner. The Boehm Pond Trail is a good example of a "neighborhood" trail in a local open space which helps make Shelton an attractive place to live.

And off we go! The trails were very easy to follow because Bill Dyer had blown all the leaves off yesterday. His biggest problem was moving tons of acorns off the trail. I tried to explain to some of the folks that there may be times when they hike on our trails that they are not as immaculate at this.

And here we are over by the Pond on the other side of Wintrop Woods Road. Nobody wanted to go for an invigorating swim though. Boehm Pond Trail is a short, easy walk with a lot of attractive spots to sit, read, or enjoy a picnic lunch.

Here's Sherri & her cousin & friend exploring the public open space on the back side of Boehm Pond. There is a small footbridge on the north side of the pond that let's you get around the pond for fishing.

All in all we had a good time, beat the storm, & most of the hikers made it out of the woods alive. Boehm Pond is a very pretty neighborhood trail that folks should explore.

Visit the Shelton Trails website for a trail map & additional information. There has been a lot of ATV trespassing in the park & it's good to have a map for following the blazed trails.

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