Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Signs, Signs, everywhere a sign ...

Above is a picture of the canoe launch sign under construction. The backer board is a 2x10 Douglas Fir, and the canoe was carved from a hunk of scrap pine the Jim & Rich cleaned out of The Red Barn (we like to be frugal on the TrailCom). The goal was to get a few more signs up along the trails this year to make it a little easier for non-hiker types to find their way.

The sign for the new canoe ramp at Silent Waters is complete. I'm going to try to install it later today so Bill can finally take it off his TrailCom agendas - that ought to speed the meetings along alot. If anybody wants to help put it in then give me a call.

The canoe launch is on Constitution Boulevard North across the street from the Shelton Intermediate School. The Trails Committee built the launch as part of the RecPath construction so fishermen and paddlers could access the pond easier. There is a short, level carry in from the road. The shallow pond is a great place for quiet fishing after work, or to show kids how to paddle a kayak. The pond is not stocked, but there are sunnies and bass.

The RecPath & canoe launch also offer some great educational opportunities for students from either the Intermediate or High Schools across the street. Visit the Shelton Trails website at www.sheltontrails.org for maps & info.

Please keep the area clean & pick up any trash or fishing gear that you find. Happy Paddling.
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  1. The sign will be acknowledged at the next meeting, then removed from the agenda - nice work!

  2. Great job, Terry! What would we ever do without your many skills?

  3. The sign will be acknowledged at the next meeting. Great job, Terry!