Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bluff Walk Work (say that three times!)

In spite of the heat, high humidity, and the threat of rain, our Saturday work party began the task of improving the existing, slightly overgrown trail behind one of the the baseball fields. Although there is still work to be done on this trail, Committee members and volunteers made great headway in improving access on the most difficult section.

Terrance Gallagher created and placed new signs pointing the way to the new, improved Bluff Walk, formerly the Riverview Trail. Despite the lack of dynamite, Terry was able to dig post holes in the unrelenting New England soil and firmly position 4x4 posts topped with his hand-crafted handsome signs.

Jim Taradine, Bill Dyer and Luis Isaza fill a hole in the trail that had been occupied by the remains of a large tree trunk. Grunting, sweating and lots of elbow grease were employed in moving that immovable object. Subsequently, weeds were removed and the trail and the hole were covered with a layer of wood chips.
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  1. And we proved to Bill that if you push, pull, & crow bar something hard enough & long enough you can roll almost anything down the bank.

    The volunteers lost about 40 lbs of water from all the heat, but the freshly mulched trail looked really good where Karen, Luis, Jim, Lynn, Bill, & Rich were working behind the main ballfield. The trail is a lot easier to follow now.

    We still need to finish the other section by the tennis courts. This piece would be a great project for a cub scout or girl scout troop because no power tools are needed. If anybody out there is interested please contact the Shelton Trails website.

    Thank you Dean from Parks & Rec Dept. for dropping off a ton of mulch for us to use.

  2. I meant Carol, not Karen as one of our volunteers. Sorry about that.