Monday, August 17, 2009

Signs for Riverview Park Trail

I'll have some signs made up for 4x4 posts for this Saturday's work party. The work party will meet on 8/22 at 8:30 at the basketball courts in Riverview Park to make the trail easier to follow. The signs will read "The Bluff Walk" in honor of the name change to match the old historic path. I also have the 4x4's, post hole digger, and digging bar.

We'll need about 6 bags of Quickcrete for 4 sign posts. I can also bring the brush cutter. It would be good to have some crushed stone if we could get a load dropped off by the tennis courts. We'll need people to bring shovels, rakes, mattocks, pruners, & mulch forks.

We also need some quick-drying white paint for the footprints across the parking lot. Anybody want to bring the boots to make the prints?
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