Saturday, October 10, 2020

Nells Rock Work Party

Saturday's work party was brush clearing along Nell's Rock Trail.  Seven volunteers met at the trailhead parking lot on Nells Rock Road across from Chordas Pond and L'Hermitage Condos.

All masked up and generally distanced for Covid safety guidelines when together.  We split up into teams to spread out around the trails.

The entry was pretty shaggy.  A lot of briars, and invasive species like Japanese knotweed were cut back hard near the entrance.  Controlling invasive species that crowd out native plants is usually toughest nead disturbed areas where there's a lot of sun and water.  The area near the parking lot used to be a municipal bulky waste dump.  It looks much nicer today as an open space park.

The parking lot fence and gate could use some work, and the trash barrel needs to be replaced. 

Various individuals and smaller groups tackled brush along the trails.  Further in the woods the trails were in pretty good shape.  A couple of step over blowdowns were left in place for now.

The trails were brushed out all the way from Nells Rock Road to the powerlines, RecPath, and Basil Brook Bypass.  They are in good shape for some good Fall hiking weather.  Thanks to Ellen, Mark, Ted, Bob, Mike, Bill & Terry for coming out.

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