Friday, October 2, 2020

Full House for the Full Moon Hike

We scheduled most of our guided hikes earlier in the year prior to Covid.  We had to cancel some due to the pandemic but thought we could have the Fall Full Moon Hike at the Land Trust's Nicholdale Preserve on Rt. 110.  The traditional campfire and marshmallow roast was omitted to space people out.  It was assumed that most people probably wouldn't come out for that.

Boy, were we wrong and how. 

The main parking lot at Nicholdale was filled a half hour before the 7:00 start.  It was a good thing that we cleaned out all the storm damaged trees a couple of weeks earlier, otherwise there wouldn't have been any room to park.

The overflow lot overflowed onto Rt. 110.  People were parking up and down the road and on side streets.

This was probably the most well attended hike that we've ever hosted.  There were lots of families with kids and dogs.  We got everybody off the road and hiked around the Nichols Trail in the dark.  There were stops along the way to see the stars from the Land Trust meadows, but the full moon hadn't risen yet.  

It was a warm night so we enjoyed that stars and dark with the accompanying music from Fairview Farms haunted trails in the background.  It was good that people were able to spread out and wear their masks during the hike. 

Everybody made it back, we think, in the dark to the parking lot to finally see the Full Moon rise.  We counted 157 people and 7 dogs.  We also had to turn away people.  It was insane.

It took a while to get everybody out of the parking lots, but everyone made it ok thanks to Bob's traffic directions with a flashlight on Rt. 110.  Next year we'll bring more lights.  Everyone seemed to have a fine time even without the marshmallows.   Thanks to Val, Bob, Bill, Mike, and Luis for publicity, guiding and traffic control.  Thanks to everybody who came and thanks to the Shelton Land Trust for letting us use their property.

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