Saturday, April 11, 2020

Silent Waters Vandalism: Trails Committee Reaction

On Wednesday morning, April 8, a Trails Committee (TC) member reported that vandals had removed two fence posts and rails on the northern section of the Silent Waters Dam, resulting in a 30 foot gap. The drop-off in that area is about 10 feet. The posts and rails were dumped in several locations below the Recreation Path. Some of the rails were broken and therefore additional rails will have to be procured for replacement.

Very early on Thursday before the rain, another TC member went to the scene and retrieved the posts and unbroken rails using a rope, then replaced the posts in the holes and installed the top rails. Additional rails were criss-crossed for safety. 

Later in the day after the rain stopped, a third TC member went to the area and was able to install the top two rails to make the fence much safer for the large number of hikers, dog walkers and joggers using the Rec Path. 

The replaced posts are still wobbly and are not back to the proper depth. When the Trails Committee can get back together on the trail, the two posts will have to be removed, material scooped out from the bottom of the holes, the posts replaced, material packed around the posts and three rails inserted to fill the 30 foot gap. 

Sadly there are people out there willing to do damage to the Shelton trails in spite of the current situation that we are enduring. Shelton has kept our trails open despite other town’s restrictions and closure. If anyone sees vandalism or other criminal issues, please report to the Shelton Police

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  1. Sadly we had a second incident of vandalism at the Silent Waters fence with a post broken along several rails. The event was reported to the police.