Sunday, April 26, 2020

Fences Fixed, Again

For the second time in two weeks vandals knocked down sections of split rail fence along the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path at Silent Waters.  The RecPath runs along the top of the historic dams, and the fences are there to protect users from falling off the steep stone wall face of the dams.  The first time happened before Easter weekend, and the second time of Orthodox Easter weekend.  And this vandalism is occurring during record use on the RecPath and all of Shelton's trails.

The Trails Committee is hampered in organizing work parties right now due to the Coronavirus.  Fortunately Bill Dyer, Trails Committee Chairman was able to get the folks from Dan and Dave Landscaping to repair the fence.  They have done work for the City on the RecPath in the past and do a good job.  They were able to use the remainder of the spare posts and rails that we had on hand and fix the worst sections of fence so it's tight and sturdy.

We have a lot of people out using the RecPath right now.  Including many families with toddlers and we'd like to make sure things are enjoyable.   This past Saturday all the trailheads were mobbed with people enjoying the good weather.
Thanks to Dan and Dave for the nice fence repair.  And thanks to Bill for organizing things so quickly.  Enjoy and respect Shelton's trails and open spaces.

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