Thursday, April 2, 2020

Our Favorite Walks Part 5: Terry Gallagher

Gristmill Trail: A lot of scenery for a short amount of walking.
by Terry Gallagher

This post is part of a continuing series describing the Trails Committee members favorite jaunts along Shelton's thirty miles of trails. There are many types of trails located across the city, from the handicapped-accessible Rec Path to the rugged Paugussett Trail. 

Gristmill Trail
One reason people choose a favorite trail is convenience, and this one is within walking distance for me.  Most of the trail follows the Far Mill River and it gets used a lot by fishermen accessing the water.  The trail itself is only 0.3 miles long, but my walk to the trailhead adds length for a total round-trip walk of about one mile. There's a parking area at both ends of the trail on Mill Street. I walk in on the east end of the trail near the intersection with Judson Street (#140 Mill Street). That's the smaller pull-off. Here's a Trail Map. 

In the Winter the River can look like a Christmas card with all the trees frosted with snow.

The Spring brings new growth, Spring freshets, fishermen, and the occasional whitewater kayaker following a storm.  Portions of the trail are temporarily underwater from time to time during floods.   The trail may get wet for a while, but it's better than having someone's home or business flooded out.  It's a good reminder why we need lots of open space along the rivers and floodplains.

Summer offers a cool respite from hot days by the historic mill dam.  At one time the Far Mill River was dotted with water-powered mills as settlers moved to the far end of Stratford to found Shelton.  The trailheads along Mill Street reflect the historic character of Shelton's first designated Scenic Road.

Early Fall along the river can be a striking walk when the trees bring on The Color.  Gristmill Trail is a pretty stroll along the Far Mill River with a lot to offer for very little effort.  This trail is a treat in all seasons of the year.

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