Monday, October 28, 2019

Tahmore Trail Overlook Reroute

Reblazed Tahmore/Paugussett junction, northbound
The east half of the Tahmore loop trail has just been re-opened and expanded. The blue/yellow loop had not been maintained for several years pending rerouting decisions. The west half of the loop remains in poor shape, but will be rerouted in 2020.  Hikers can use the red-blazed connector trail to complete a loop of the east half of Tahmore Trail.

Updated map showing Tahmore Trail looping out to the scenic overlook
One goal of the reroute was to re-use a part of the Paugussett Trail that had been demoted a few years ago during a major reroute of that trail. A portion of that old route was being maintained as an unmarked spur to the scenic overlook. Another part of the old trail along the top of a cliff had been abandoned, although that hasn't stopped people from trying to walk it. This part of the trail follows the property line between Indian Well State Park and the Shelton Land Conservation Trust.
Closeup of the rerouted section.
The reroute also enlarges the Tahmore Trail loop and adds interest to the trail. The cliff top is a fun walk.

Heading up the old Paugussett towards the overlook
The overlook
New Blue/Yellow blaze at the overlook

Still on the old Paugussett, a former overlook.

New trail section
If you are hiking the loop clockwise, once the trail turns away from the cliff, you are on Land Trust property. It's a nice, gentle grade. One surprise when clearing this new section was finding a very old blue/yellow blaze.

Surprised to find an old blaze on this new route.

The trails in here have been rerouted multiple times for various reasons, including landowner wishes and concerns over safety and erosion.

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