Thursday, October 17, 2019

Boehm Pond Updates

Updated map shows the new trail blazes
The blazes at Boehm Pond were recently changed in order to help hikers navigate the trail system. Part of the Yellow Trail and all of an unmarked old road were blazed red.   At the far end, the old road crosses over private property via a pedestrian easement that extends to Farmill Street, making it possible for people in the neighborhood to walk a loop using a combination of city roads and trails.

Red blazes should help hikers figure out where they are
In addition to blazing the previously unmarked old road, the northern section of the Yellow Trail was reblazed to red. Previously, the Yellow Trail intersected with the White Trail in multiple locations and that could be confusing. Now, when you come to a trail junction, the colors will be unique to that particular junction. There is only one intersection with the Red and White Trails, for example. If you come to the place where red blazes go one way and white blazes go under, it's easy to glance at the trail map and know exactly where you are.

Junction of Red and Yellow Trails.
Freshly fallen leaves obscure the trail tread.
The yellow blazes are also getting freshened so that the trail is easier to follow when the ground is covered with fresh leaves or snow. This particular trail system is great for snowshoeing. 

Boehm Pond flooded by beaver (see the double yellow blaze?)
Meanwhile, beaver have built a dam across Boehm Brook next to Winthrop Woods Road, and the pond has grown considerably. It's surface area may have doubled or even tripled, although it's hard to say.  It used to be possible to walk over a bridge to the far shore, but that is all completely flooded now. 

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