Saturday, October 26, 2019

Boehm Pond Trail Extension

On Saturday Morning, a committed band of trail volunteers braved briars, raspberries, and saplings to complete the extension of Boehm Pond trail out to Boehm Circle.  It was a long-standing goal of the City's to improve neighborhood access to a particularly nice open space on the west side of Shelton. 

A pedestrian easement "along the old woods road" out to Boehm Circle was created during the original subdivision.  The old woods road had quite a few saplings growing in it when the work party started, but fewer after we finished.

If you knew where to look you could find the trail.  But knowing where to look and easily finding a enjoyable trail to walk can be two very different things.  The volunteers took out logs, saplings, and cleared out the old road to create a clear trail corridor.  Bob Woods continued his quest to clear Shelton open spaces of trash, despite having a couple of saplings dropped on his noggin by some yahoo.  The last couple hundred feet out to the turnaround at the end of Boehm Circle were particularly lovely with a dense patch of interlocking briars about 10 feet tall that we had to get through.  Thank goodness for leather gloves, thick clothing and brushcutters.

Here is the entrance being punched out to Boehm Circle.  This entry provides local residents a way to access the network of trails in their neighborhood off Far Mill Street.  A variety of potential loops are now possible with road walks and trails in the area.  Some of the footing just off the circle may be a little rough at first due to a drainage ditch; but it will improve with use over time.

Boehm Pond Trail passes a scenic pond (currently being modified by beavers), Winthrop Woods Roads, Boehm Brook and the bridge above, and a network of trails out to Far Mill Street and the surrounding neighborhoods.  It's a very pretty spot to enjoy in the Fall.  Thanks to Paul, Mark, Ryan, Vince, Val, Jim, Graham, Bob and Terry for helping out.

Helpful Trail Safety Tip:  Mind the Acorns going Downhill, or you may be on a roll.  Feel free to toss a few sticks off the trail when you can. 

Happy Trails from your Shelton Trails Committee.

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