Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kutt the Krud (getting rid of graffiti)

2015 has been a bad year for graffiti.  It seems that every knucklehead with a spray can or sharpie wants to add his or her initials to something that we built this year.  It would almost be ok if it were good art, but this is not Banksy-caliber work.  When you go scribble all over something a volunteer, or an eagle scout, or your fellow neighbors has built and maintained on their own time then you're just being a jerk.  But we are getting better at removing the stuff.

The Krud-Kutter Graffiti Remover from Home Depot (in the paint section) is pretty good at removing most graffiti.  It took off paint marker from one trailhead kiosk without impacting the Lexan.  The Goof Off remover will take paint off, but it takes longer than the Krud-Kutter.  Goof Off 2 works faster, but it turns some of the plexi-glass hazy so we think it eating that away too.  The Krud-Kutter doesn't seem to harm the plexi-glass.

Someone spray painted this Paugussett Trail sign along Rt. 110 near Indian Well State Park.  Why I don't know.  It was a custom sign that took Connecticut Forest & Parks Association weeks to arrange with the ConnDOT.  And the sign is up high too.  I remembered to bring the Krud-Cutter, rubber gloves, and rags, but forgot I needed a step ladder.  Luckily I have long arms.

It took a few applications, but most of the paint came off.  Next time I'll have to bring a step ladder, or Manute Bol.

It's a little harder to remove from porous surfaces, like wood, but the Krud-Kutter works well with repeated applications.  Sometimes you need to use a wire brush.

The map box cleaned up well.  The Trails Committee is planning to fix up this Trail Kiosk at Rt. 108 this Fall.  In the meantime, please keep an eye out and if you see someone messing stuff up say something to them.  There's no magic elves who fix all this stuff, just your friends and neighbors who are trail volunteers.  And if somebody out there really wants to paint something, give us a call because we can use the help.

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