Saturday, November 28, 2015


We wanted to make it easier for the participants in the following day's Turkey Trot Trek, knowing that the Thanksgiving feasts would slow down the bloated hikers for several days, so this work party sort of carved the trail rather than the turkey.

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Volunteers gather at the starting point for our work party. Eva thinks this is fun, not realizing that work is part of the party!
First things first. "How do we start this darn thing?"
After clearing leaf debris that was backing up this little brook, Bob trimmed away encroaching brambles from the trail
Mary walked behind mike, cutting away at wayward branches and brambles

Mike put his leaf blower to work clearing a path through a thick layer of leaves. Acorns were also in abundance this year, creating a dangerous situation , especially on slopes, where it was like walking on marbles. In the background, Richard had started from the other end and met Mike here

Luis and Terrance cut away the invasives, such as Russian Olive, that were closing in on the trail

The Turkey Trot is a great walk, passing through picturesque woodlands and providing a fun and healthy means of getting that exercise you've always said that you needed

 Many thanks to Mike, Mary, Luis, and Eva for volunteering to help us out on this day. Shelton Trail Committee members toiling away were Bill, Terrance, Bob, Jim, and Richard

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  1. We had a great turn out of some repeat volunteers brushing out the trails, moving bridges, clearing pipes, and blowing leaves and acorns for tomorrow's hike at 1:00. Come out and enjoy the trails after the Fall clean up, then go back and polish off the Thanksgiving leftovers.