Thursday, October 15, 2015

Beating the Briers

This work party involved cutting back thick briers and weeds that were a potential hazard to hikers on a section of the Paugussett Trail in Shelton. 

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Heavy growth doesn't take long to overpower the trails if left untouched

 Because we do use some power equipment, we make hikers and runners aware that we are working here

Hunter and Hope use loppers and clippers to hack away at the overgrowth, the old fashioned way

While Jim goes modern and uses power hedge-trimmers to speed through the process
As does Richard with a hybrid weed-whacker/hedge trimmer combo

Mary, Hope, and Hunter take a break in the jungle
 Bob extended a lot of effort in freeing some of the desirable trees of choking vines

  John hacks away at the stubborn vines and briers

Eva risks thorns and briers making the trail easier to navigate

Many thanks to Eva, John, Mary, Bob, Hunter and Hope for giving of their time to help us out on this work party. Trail Committee members present were Jim, Richard , and Terrance (sorry, Terry, no photo!)

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