Friday, May 31, 2013

How to get from Indian Well to Shelton Lakes

Here are a couple aerials showing the Blue Trail (future Paugussett Trail extension) from the Falls parking area at Indian Well State Park south to Silent Waters at Shelton Lakes.  This is the hike for Trails Day 2013 on June 1 (see events listings at right). 

Indian Well to the meadows of Wiacek 
The Indian Well Falls parking area (click here for location) is the first parking lot on the right after you to turn onto Indian Well Road from Route 110, next to a meadow and a cross street that leads to a neighborhood called "the Maples." There will be a large brown and yellow sign across the street from the parking area telling you not to climb on the rocks, and a very wide unblazed trail leading past it to the falls, which is not far from the road. 

From the parking area, look south for the blue blazes to cross the meadow and head into the woods. Be careful crossing Route 110!  The walk up the hill towards Meadow Street is pleasant and not too steep, although you will find a reroute in progress, and then come out onto the pavement at the end of Mayflower Lane.  There is a break in the trail here, so walk up the pavement of Mayflower all the way to Meadow Street and walk around the gate to pick up the blue blazes again at the fields of the Wiacek open space. This section can get pretty wet. Cross the first meadow, enter the woods, hug the right side of the second meadow, and then follow the utility road and cross Const. Blvd No. 

Wiacek Meadows to Silent Waters and Middle School
There's another reroute in progress between Wellington Court and Independence Drive which takes the trail off of the powerlines, so you'll be on the powerline road at times and going through the woods parallel to the powerlines at others, until you finally turn off the powerlines for good and head towards the Middle School. The blue blazes join up with the white blazes of Turkey Trot Trail and then you come out on the gravel Rec Path. Left leads to the Turkey Trot trailhead parking.  Go right to walk along the top of the two old dams, with glimpses of the Middle School across the street, and arrive at the Silent Waters overlook. From there, turn around and go back the way you came, or you may have a ride spotted at the Middle School. 

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  1. Come out and enjoy the hike today. Don't forget your water or bug juice.