Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Great Spring Weekend on the Trails

It was beautiful on Shelton's trails and open spaces this past weekend.  People were out taking advantage of the nice Spring weather & volunteers were everywhere.  People were working on trails, building bridges, cleaning up trash; it was an impressive community turn-out.

This fisherman was using the fishing platform at Hope Lake on Nells Rock Road.  The platform stone path is actually a large stone slab that was installed as part of an Eagle Scout project a few years ago to provide better public access to the lake.

Other fishermen had taken up positions around the Lake.  There were dogs out walking their people on the RecPath, hikers and bikers on the trails, picnickers, and neighbors just enjoying a Spring Day.

The Trails Committee had 2 crews doing trail construction on the Paugussett Trail Extension, but more on that later.  We had an excellent turn-out of High School students helping us.

A number of Eagle Scouts and their team were moving several telephone poles from the Dog Park over to Buddington Road.  Tom Harbinson volunteered the use of his trailer to help move the poles.  The Scouts are building a bridge across a swamp as part of a Paugussett Trail extension between John Dominick Drive and Buddington Road.

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