Monday, May 20, 2013

A Walk in the Sun (not!)

Spring of this year has presented some unpredictable and unseasonable weather, this weekend following the pattern. It was a cool and misty day, but we had a decent turnout for our Springtime Bridge-to-Bridge hike. Participants were up to the challenge, and we had a pleasant guided hike, expertly narrated by Terrance Gallagher, potential National Park Ranger. Thanks to the diligent work of the Shelton Trail Committee members present, no persons or pets were lost along the way this time, to the best of our knowledge.

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Pete and son lead the way with their trusted pooches
Native Pinxter Azalea growing along the Rec Path
Folks, kids, and pets. Lynn and her three fur people protected the group from Mountain Lions and Grizzlies

No, that's not a wolf in ambush! It's one of us, stopping for a drink at Basil Brook. She could do this...we couldn't

The intrepid hikers, minus Sandie, Lynn, and Lynn's furry followers

Sandie came prepared for the deluge, which thankfully never transpired. But she was protected from coconuts and meteorites!

In all, it was an enjoyable trek, a bit over 4 miles, that the participants appeared to enjoy. Those who stayed home fearing rain missed a fun hike. Hope we see you at our next trail venture!

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  1. That's an awful long shirt Sandie has on - where did she get that?