Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blooming Springtime

A lot of Spring trees, shrubs & flowers are in bloom right now; as people's allergies can well attest to.

The dogwood trees along the Mohegan Road Open Space were doing quite well this past week.  If you're driving in the vicinity of Booth Hill Road you may see them.

The daffodils along the RecPath over by the Shelton Dog Park were also striking.  They are a little gone by with now, but the flowers in the main garden will be coming along in the coming months.

There were a variety of wildflowers, shrubs, and trees blooming on today's hike along the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path - but there will be more photos on that later.  A lot of the flowers stood out due to the overcast skies and misty weather.

The Eklund Native Species Garden is also in bloom.  Stop by the garden on Oak Valley Lane to see the garden - and remember to close the gates so the deer don't eat everything.

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