Monday, March 18, 2013

The pre-Saint Patrick's Day Trail Party - Part I

And no, unfortunately we didn't have any green beer.

With our well-attended Marshmallow March behind us and the CLCC Meeting ahead of us - we focused our attention on what else; cleaning up more storm damage.

We met at the Kiosk on Constitution Boulevard North to clean up some old and some new fallen trees along the Turkey Trot Trail.

Jim and Rob cleaned up some of the pines along Silent Waters and Rt. 108, while another crew with Lynn, Ryan, Luis, Sandy, Sheri, Terry and Rich went out toward the powerlines.  We met over by Willoughby Road and cut away these dropped trees over by Willoughby Road.

At one point I guess we were making enough noise that a neighbor called the cops thinking that we were woodnappers looting the open space for firewood!  We had a nice discussion with the officer who verified that we were just nutty trail volunteers & we were happy to see the Shelton PD checking out calls along the trails.

Helpful BTU Trail Tip:  If there are any residents that need a few extra sticks of fire wood for next year consider participating in a few trail work parties & I believe that we can help you out as a reward for your civic mindedness.

We would appreciate it if some of the neighbors along Willoughby Road would refrain from dumping their yard waste in the park.  Particularly the guy who dumped all the pine waste directly on the Trail itself (there isn't a pine tree within a hundred yards of the trail at this point)!

We then went up and cleared the Alternative section of the trail through the mountain laurel on top of the ridge.  We were doing OK until we got the chainsaw pinched.  The tree branch was under a lot of tension and the cut closed on tightly to the chain bar.

That's OK we had a second chainsaw to free the first one.  Not a problem, we'll get this out in a jiffy.

Opps, OK so we got two saws stuck.  Luckily we had the Gator with us and had more chainsaws.  We couldn't possibly get three saws stuck could we?

Nope, three did the trick.  And then we were off to clear a lovely beech/birch blow down on the RecPath beyond Oak Valley Lane.

Helpful Trail Tip:  Remember to bring wedges and something to pound them to keep the kerf open or to free pinched saws.  Or just bring along 5 chainsaws to every work party.

See Part II of the Pre-Saint Patrick's Day Party for a continuation of our thrilling adventures in applied physics, greenway management, and chainsaw exhibitions.

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