Monday, March 25, 2013

Awards for the Rec Path & Greenway

Rich Skudlarek, Sandie Kopac, Sheri Dutkanicz, Bill Dyer, Joe Welsh and Bruce Nichols.
Members of the Trails Committee, Conservation Commission, and the Shelton Land Trust were on hand to accept an award on behalf of Shelton from the Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) for "2013 Excellence in Conservation."  The award is for the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path and Greenway (see here for more background on that). Click on any of these images to enlarge.
"2013 Excellence in Conservation" from CLCC 
All of Shelton deserves congratulations for this award, from its volunteers, to City leaders, to the voters who supported the purchase of open space and trails construction.  We also got an unexpected bonus award from Senator Blumenthal:

Senator Blumenthal gave us an award for getting an award.
There have been other various awards and citations for the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path and Greenway throughout the years. (The Greenway is, in this case, a linear park through which the Rec Path and other trails pass through.) Here they are:

Citation from the CT General Assembly, courtesy of Jason Perillo,
Larry Miller, and Kevin Kelly, presented at the Rec Path
Grand Opening on October 6, 2012. 

Here's one from CFPA in 2008 

Connecticut Greenway Council gave us this one in 2000.

Here's one signed by Hillary Clinton as the calendars turned to
the year 2000.  
The Rec Path is an official "Millenium Trail." 

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  1. Not shown in the photo, because she took it, is Teresa Gallagher, City Conservation Agent, who prepared and submitted the application that resulted in this most recent highly competitive accolade that Shelton received. It is amazing what a group of dedicated volunteers, motivated government leaders, and a willing citizenry can achieve. It is the overwhelming support of the taxpayers of Shelton in the multiple Open Space Referendums that have made the Rec Path, the Dog Park, the three fishing ponds, the site of the Intermediate School, and all the other benefits from the resulting purchases possible. The collection of awards is something we all share – be proud Shelton.