Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Making of "Marshmallow March III" (Director's cut)

This was the 3rd annual Marshmallow March, a combination of a leisurely hike through the woods and fields of Nicholdale Farm, a property of the Shelton Land Conservation Trust,  culminating in a marshmallow roast at a Boy Scout camp at the far end of the property. This year's hike was delayed due to a storm threat on the designated Sunday, but was rescheduled for the following week. Preparations included checking the proposed trail for winter damage, gathering firewood, and sprucing up the firepit area, all accomplished by  members of the Shelton Trails Committee. This was performed on Saturday:

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As in the past, Nicholdale Farm proved to be the ideal location for a hike capped with a refreshing break
Shovels and other gear had to be hand-carried over a half-mile through the woods and over snow-covered trails...

...unless it was being towed by sled

Sandie and Bill worked at clearing the snow from several picnic tables

Finally the area was ready for the hikers and the work crew, led by Terry, wearily trekked back to the parked cars


One of the Shelton Trails Committee elves gathers wood for the fire

And here they come, Sheri up front, emerging from a romp through the woods eager to gulp flaming marshmallows and steaming hot chocolate

 The sticks emerge, marshmallows are skewered, the smokey ritual begins!

Little kids, pets, and big kids enjoy the hike, the refreshments, and the socializing. Lynn points out the variety of trails available in Shelton

"Now this is how it's done, kids"

Wow! Doubles and triples!

 Having gorged on marshmallows, some chose to be creative with the  materials at hand 

"Who wants the last marshmallow?"

 Heading back to civilization after an adventure at Nicholdale Farm

Richard, Jim and volunteer Ryan stay behind to douse the inferno

It was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy nature at its whitest. This year saw the largest turnout yet, around 50 folks, including some late-comers. This winter hike has increased in popularity each year, making it a community event to look forward to in future years. So, see you next year! 

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  1. Great summary and photos by our chief elf. Thanks for all you do and your clever verbage. Indeed this hike grows every year and as long as we get weather like Sunday, the increase should continue. Time to expand the parking lot. And Thanks to the Land Trust for the venue and for plowing the parking lot.