Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tahmore Trail Tamed

A crack squad of volunteers (or a squad of volunteers on crack depending on your perspective) cleaned up the Tahmore Trail this morning.  The Tahmore trails are on land owned by the Shelton Land Conservation Trust and tie into the Paugussett Trail overlooking Indian Well and the State Park.  The volunteers split up into pairs and moved off clearing blowdowns and removing limbs, leaves, and slippery items from the trails.

Here's Rich and John clearing a section of trail on the northern half of the loop.  The Tahmore Trail is a rolling figure 8 that ties into the Paugussett Trail.  It is an easy access off the end of Tahmore Place without the climb up from the Indian Well parking lot on Birchbank Road.

Frankenstorm Sandy did not leave this hillside untouched.  This oak was off the trail and it looks like someone set off dynamite inside the trunk.

Luckily this wasn't hung up over the trail.  I don't even want to think how to cut this one down safely.  We'll have to put in for some C4 on our expense account if Rich can get us some on E-bay.

Here's John clearing out more of the upland trail.  Tahmore and the Paugussett Trail in this area are in open hardwoods and offer some nice views of the Housatonic River.  We even discussed taking out a few trees to improve views of the River from The Overlook.

It was a fun and productive work party.  Joe and Ryan Welch, Rich Jim, Sandie, Lynn, John, and Luis were a big help and made short work of the job.  Joe collecting 15 cents in old beer cans and Ryan made us all hungry for crab cakes with his fishing tales.  Thanks to Bob and Rob U. for taking care of the park.

Join us on Thursday, December 27th at 1:00 for a guided hike.  Meet at the end of Tahmore Place off Village Road in the White Hills.  It should be good hike for families with kids who are home from school. Enjoy a fun and safe Holidays on Shelton's trails. 

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