Friday, June 3, 2011

National Trails Day Happenings

Join us for the Annual Shelton Trails Day Hike on Saturday June 4, 2011. We'll be doing the Bridge-to-Bridge Route along the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path. The start will be at Pine Lake on Rt. 108, about a half mile west of downtown Shelton. The length will be 4.5 miles of easy walking and biking, and should take about 2 - 2 1/2 hours depending on the pace.

There have been a lot of great new developments that we want to show off:

  • The beginning and ending thirds of the path are now handicapped accessible with a fine gravel surface, and portions of the rest are under construction. (the center section of the hike is NOT handicapped accessible yet - but it will be one of these days). Truth In Advertising: Portions of the middle section are under construction - so the footing is a little rough for some but very passable. The contractors are making great progress.
  • The route now overlooks historic dams & lakes. There are some great new views of streams and wetlands along the way.
  • We will pass by the new Shelton Dog Park (and yes dogs on leases are welcome on the hike). We'll even show off The Red Barn that we fixed up.
  • The Eklund Native Species garden will be along the way - and it should be very beautiful this year.
  • The route will use the new mountain bike bypass and J-Pond Bridge constructed by scouts last year (mountain bikes are welcome too).
  • New RecPath construction will be on display through the Wesley Drive area, but the route will be safe and feature new vistas created by Pruzinsky & Son and Fairview Tree Farm.
  • New handicapped accessible sections have been constructed down to the Land Trust Meadow on Lane Street - allowing a nice short walk or bike ride from Huntington Center.
Some of the new RecPath improvements along Wesley Drive at Lizard Head Rock feature dramatic topography & nearby wetlands and streams.

The Mayor will be at the start to read his annual proclamation. Shuttles will be available for return rides to Pine Lake.

Helpful Tip: If possible, take two cars and leave one in Huntington Center, or leave a car in Huntington Center in the morning and get dropped off at the start).

It should be a great day - come and join us on a free family-friendly event. There is also a hike at Jones Tree Farm, the Family 5K Run at the High School, and the Relay for Life downtown at the Riverwalk - so it's Get-In-Motion Day in Shelton. We'll probably stop at the Huntington Street Cafe for lunch and beverages after the hike. Come out, have fun, and see what your trails volunteers have been up to this year.

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