Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bloomin' Mountain Laurel

The weather this weekend was a bit drippy but that didn't stop some folks from getting out.

This guy was having fun mountain biking some of the new sections of the RecPath behind Wesley Drive. The contractors are making good progress there & should complete most of that section this week if the weather cooperates a bit.

For those who like to ride on more rugged trails - try the Paugussett Blue Dot trail North of Rt. 108 - it may need mowing in some areas because we haven't been able to get to it, but it's got some challenging terrain.

A number of trail users were out enjoying the Path, including this 4-footed customer taking her human out for a walk between the rain drops.

The RecPath behind Wesley curls along the top of a ridge overlooking scenic, and newly named, Basil Brook. There were a couple of nice deer standing on the Path two days in a row. Its a very pretty area with the brook running, but bring some OFF.

This was one of the scenes from last weekend's hike. The trail twins have talked their adults into getting matching trikes. Now all they have to do is talk them into racing. One of the nice things about making the RecPath handicapped-accessible is that it opens up hundreds of acres of greenway and parkland for the enjoyment of families - no matter how young. Now all we have to do is get these kids on a trail work party one of these days.

The mountain laurel are in rare form this week. People should force themselves to get out on the trails and see the show this week. The best places to see the Laurel are Oak Valley Road at the Eklund Native Species Garden, the RecPath south of the Dog Park, and the Paugussett Trail north of Rt. 108 along the powerlines. Go tomorrow - don't miss it.

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