Thursday, June 16, 2011

Great Job at Wesley Drive

The guys from Fairview Tree Farm & Pruzinsky & Sons have really outdone themselves this week on the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path.

They were just wrapping up as I stopped by after work. They installed concrete pavers instead of bituminous pavement as the warning pad at Wesley Drive. They also did a great job mulching and planting landscaping the slope below the Path.

This was one of the toughest pieces of the entire RecPath because it had to have handicapped-accessible grades, function well, and look halfway decent. Brad Wells and Bob Pruzinsky & their associates did a nice job solving this problem area and really exceeded our expectations on this section.

It's been a busy week. In addition to the Wesley entrance they built a retaining wall, added drainage, finished close to 4/10ths of a mile of RecPath, stabilized slopes with mulch, and relocated 2 timber bridges. If the weather isn't too bad tomorrow they may be close to finishing this section.

Take a walk or bike ride this weekend to visit the new section and see how it connects to Huntington Center. Do a little exploring and see what Shelton has to offer.