Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trickle-down Trailnomics

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Water runoff from the Turkey Trot Trail where it meets the Rec Path has been a problem with rain and snow melt, causing puddling and sometimes treacherous footing in this area (see 1st panel video). Temporary fixes last year were not enough to alleviate the problem. The Trails Committee, along with volunteer help, attacked the problem Saturday by installing two water bars uphill on the trail to divert the runoff to locations where draining was more efficient.

Runoff from above made negotiating the Rec Path difficult at this juncture.

The crew begins digging the first of two ditches to divert water away from the trail.

Terry, the designated mason de jour, carefully positions rocks
in the ditch to impede erosion and to maintain the integrety
of the ditch, or "water bar".

Zack and Al, Shelton High students, have volunteered to help out as part of their community service with the school. Ryan has helped out at many of our work parties for several years.

We left all of the heavy lugging for Lynn.

Terry checks the positioning of the rocks in the water bar.

Poor Lynn! Left all alone to provide the finishing touches!

We are pretty confident that, short of a tsunami, these water bars
should prevent further puddling problems below on the Rec Path.


  1. It was great having Al, Zack, Ryan & Jim digging out the waterbars and cutting the roots. Hopefully this stops a few washouts in the coming days.

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