Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rec Path: Rising up from the Meadow

Construction of the Rec Path is just blazing along! Now that the Dog Park section is complete, all energies are concentrated at the Huntington Center end of things. The above photo is looking down on the Lane Street meadow, owned by the Shelton Land Trust, where a half mile of the Path was previously built.

The Path wends its way up the slope, maintaining a grade of less than eight percent so that it's handicapped accessible.

Bill Dyer and Tom Harbinson from the Conservation Commission were making a progress check.

This section of the Path has been funded by a $73,150 grant from the Connecticut DEP Recreational Trails Program. The photo above is the narrow strip of open space between Serene Drive and the far end of Lane Street. The old stone wall is a nice touch.

We're using the same contractors who built the Dog Park section of the Path: Pruzinsky & Son partnering with Fairview Tree Farm. They're doing a great job.

After climbing up the hill from the meadow, skirting around a substantial chunk of ledge, and squeezing between some houses, the Path turns onto this emergency access road off the end of Lane Street and heads to Wesley Drive in Huntington Woods.

The Path will then cross Wesley Drive and climb the slope at an angle to maintain the eight percent grade. And construction will keep going up the Path this spring, so stay tuned! By this summer, we should have 3.5 miles of the Path complete, with only a half mile left to construct in the middle.

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