Monday, April 25, 2011

High School Community Service Hours

Shelton High is now requiring all students to document ten hours of community service by May 1 of each year, and the calls are really starting to come in. So, to answer the questions we keep getting asked:

  • Yes, we can use high school students on the trails!

  • We have supervised work parties and can sign your form on the spot.

  • Monday April 25 at 2:30 am - PLEASE BRING WHEELBARROWS AND PITCHFORKS if possible. Spread woodchips along both sides of the newly constructed Rec Path near the Dog Park. If possible, please bring pitchforks and a wheelbarrow. We have some tools but not enough if we get a large turnout. We will also have the motorized Gator for spreading mulch. Meet at the Dog Park.

  • Saturday, April 30, 8:30 am - More woodchips. Also possible reroute the Paugussett Trail at Indian Well

  • We can also recommend doing a Clean Sweep project, which provides maximum flexibility. See
Shelton Parks & Rec dropped off a number of piles of mulch that need to be placed along the RecPath to control erosion. All you need is a wheelbarrow, rake & fork.

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