Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Brushing

Southern Connecticut get more that 45" of rain per year (which is more than Seattle), when, combined with recent warm weather and lots of sunshine leads to, you guessed it, plants growing out of control along Shelton's Trails. Since we were working on the Paugussett Trail all Spring the brush has exploded elsewhere. Today we struck back.

OK, maybe it wasn't killer Day of the Triffids 1960's horror film bad, but the plants were definitely getting uppity.

This little girl had to walk down the RecPath with her head cocked sideways in order to pass the shrubs. So before we had to call Indiana Jones out to clear the way the Trails Committee swung into action.

Jim & Rich did some aggressive pruning along the RecPath behind Pine Lake. They cleared out a lot of the brush growing into the Path.

The Wheeler St. entrance to the RecPath is across the street from the Shelton Senior Center and the Police Department. This was the area that a lot of work was done to make the RecPath easier to use for a wide range of users.

Bill Dyer & Lynn Reid tackled the Turkey Trot Trail along the powerlines. Lynn came in off Injured Reserve with 2 week old broken ribs to work on the trails. We think her doctor just told her to "suck it up and walk it off" (Lynn probably went with the cheaper physician).

We also took some millings on the Gator and filled out a wash-out behind Pine Lake from one of this Spring's storms. We tried to cover it with pine needles and stone so it looked the same as the rest of the RecPath. Can you find the repair.

We also cleared out brush to make the RecPath safer and easier to see around curves. It was nice to say hi to all the folks out enjoying the trails and open spaces today; either mountain biking, walking dogs, jogging, fishing, or just strolling about enjoying summer. It was great to see so many people out using the Shelton Lakes Greenway.

We're glad everybody was out enjoying the trails today, but remember that they have to be maintained by volunteers. Consider helping out sometime when you have the chance. All it takes is an email into Shelton Trails and Lynn will put you on our e-mail list for future work parties. Whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated.

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