Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mill, Baby, Mill

Road millings from a paving project on Constitution Blvd South have been stockpiled at the corner of Nells Rock Road and Shelton Ave (in case you missed the towering black mountain driving by). Road millings are just old pavement that was ripped up and broken into little pieces.

The millings are being used to repair parking areas and build a foundation for the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path in the Nells Rock area.

The Parks & Rec Department is doing the work, starting from Oak Valley Road and working north along the yellow-blazed Rec Path towards the corner of Nells Rock Road and Shelton Ave. The picture above is the combined Rec Path/Oak Valley Trail section that has been nearly impassable on foot due to the deep muddy ruts. No longer.

View Rec Path millings project 2010 in a larger map

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