Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Cut Above

Now this is what we need for the Trails Committee. Turn those unsightly trees in the middle of your RecPath into valuable lumber. There was a neat demonstration of some portable bandsaw lumbermills at the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic this weekend. Just think of the money we would save on lumber. Hey, maybe we could even panel the inside of the Shelton Lakes Nature Center and Brew Pub at Nells Rock Road.

Here's the fancy sawmill with the hydraulics for loading and spinning the logs. We could cut a lot of boards with this one.

This is a early form of Mass Transit. Maybe we can get a grant to restore horse-drawn traffic on the RecPath between Downtown and Huntington Center? I bet the Shelton Historical Society has a wagon that we could use.

This sawmill is a little lower-tech than the others, but it converts trees into boards.

This was an interesting trail map at Pequot Woods in the neighboring town. So we could cut down the trees, saw them up into boards, and then route the trail maps into the boards. See - the mill would be really cost-effective. And we could sell the left-over boards from the sawmill for firewood at Beechwood Market. A true vertical industry. And that doesn't even take into account revenue from the Shelton Lakes Nature Center and Brew Pub. A true Shelton tourist attraction in the making.

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  1. Fascinating ideas! But why wasn't I let in on the existence of the pub? I'm looking for a hearty, stout root beer!