Thursday, April 29, 2010


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Over the years strangling vines have shimmied up many of the trees in the area, in some cases choking and pulling them down. Severing them at the base kills the vines, but some are so entangled above that body weight alone can't bring them down, and an unsightly mess results.   

This tree in particular has several groups of vines entwined near the top, partly blocking a view of  Silent Waters from where a bench is to be positioned. Attempts to pull down the vines by hand were futile.

Bill and Rich made use of our workhorse, or work Gator, as it turns out, to do the heavy stuff. A long rope was tied to the bottom of the vines, then to the Gator. 

 Those vines were tough! After several tries and churned up trail, we were getting nowhere. It was decided to separate some of the tangled vines and try again with a smaller group. This did the trick, but it took several hefty start-and-stop pulls before the vines worked loose!

However, one stubborn vine refused to cooperate. Bill suggested that we try pulling in the other direction.

 As usual, Bill's instincts were correct, and the last vine came down after considerable resistance.

Bill Does some last minute cosmetic trimming of the vines encroaching a nearby tree.

Once this tree leafs out, it should enhance the foreground without obstructing a panoramic view of the lake.


  1. It's nice to see that you two picked a day with 30 mph wind gusts just to make pulling things down out of trees a little sporting.