Monday, February 15, 2010

Neither Rain nor Sleet....

Snow?? What snow? Nothing that a warm pair of gloves and thermos full of hot coffee can't remedy! Scratch the gloves. Where's that machete? Did something bring the flame thrower for the marshmallows? Let's get to work!

Hey, we found our gloves! Anyone know which way is north? The work zone has got to be around here somewhere.

Oh there it is. Looks like Lynn needs a bigger tool. See what happens when someone forgets to bring the flamethrower?


  1. Working under these conditions only makes one stronger. Or was it the coffee and donuts?

  2. It was too bad that Sheri & Lynn missed out on Rich's hot coffee wagon at the end. Hopefully they warmed up eventually. Ryan was talking all day - I think it was the caffeine/sugar buzz.