Friday, February 12, 2010

Corn Crib Clearing

The photo above shows the Wells Spring Open Space last fall. The property is located just a few hundred yards from Exit 12 Route 8, at the corner of Farmill Crossing and Old Stratford Road. You can barely see the top of an old corn crib sticking out of the impenetrable field of brambles. Parks & Rec crews cleared out the thorny jungle last week before the snow. Here's what it looks like now:


Here's another view from last fall. The bridge in the distance is Farmill Crossing. I let you figure out what river it's crossing.

And here it is after the clearing:

There's a short trail of sorts, unmarked, that starts on Farmill Crossing (there is a large open space sign), leading down an old drive that passes the corn crib. Stay on the drive, veering left to stay on the gravel emergency access road that runs along the condos and retaining wall. This leads quickly to the old dam ruins for Beard's sawmill, as well as some old bridge abutments for a bridge that washed out. It's a short trail, but very scenic along the Far Mill River.


  1. Great job ! Will definitely have to stop bye and check it out !!

  2. Dean and the Parks & Rec guys did a great job restoring this meadow. This is a small field, but grassland habitat in Conn. is important for a wide range of wildlife. A lot of fishermen are going to enjoy this improved access to the Far Mill River on April 17th. I'm sure clearing those briars was not easy - thanks guys for your hard work.