Saturday, February 6, 2010


What to do on a cold, windy winter Saturday to arouse the primitive soul festering inside your spoiled, calorie-abused body? Why, join the Shelton Trails Committee on a stirring hike through the Shelton Land Trust property at the Nicholdale Farm, of course! In spite of the raw, 20 degree breezy weather, and the forgotten threat of a major snowstorm, a larger than anticipated group turned out to enjoy a hearty 1-1/2 mile walk across farm fields, alongside a babbling brook, and through mixed forest to a Scout camp, where a roaring fire, hot chocolate, and marshmallows for roasting awaited them.

Jim Taradine, Keeper of the Flame, awaits the arrival of the hikers with Polly Dyer. Jim and Rich Skudlarek arrived early to start the blaze, hopefully keeping eyebrows intact in the process.

These logs spent their entire lives waiting to provide us with with a beautiful campfire.

Polly's pooch patiently awaits the arrival of the hard-core hikers.

Peter Conway and son, the first of the wanderers, emerge from the forest primeval.

Bill Dyer leads the rest of the party into the campground.

And they keep coming!

Hope there's enough hot chocolate for this crowd!

Even the furry persons enjoyed the walk.

They approach the camera like the Donner party stumbling upon a dead cow!

There's nothing like good company, a warm fire and a cup of hot chocolate to make the effort worthwhile!

Cold on the outside, but warm on the inside, the group is directed back to the cars by Bill. Another great ramble!


  1. Wish I could have been there! Emma was very disappointed to miss the marshmallows (car was getting worked on).

  2. The first trails event I can remember without a Gallagher, and we definitely missed their participation and leadership. Richard and Jim did a great job with the fire and vittles. It had to be hard to stay warm until the fire got going while he rest of stayed "warm" walking the trail. It was great to have Bruce Nichols there to provide history and events of the past that shaped the current state of the property.

  3. Gee, and I was forced to stay indoors eating cookies & pizza at CFPA. One of the things they mentioned yesterday to get people out using the trails was to do wacky fun events - so I guess doing a marshmallow roast in February qualifies. Sorry that I couldn't be there - it looks like it was a good turnout.

  4. Had I known Bruce Nichols was going to participate, I would have abandoned Jim to the fire-stoking in a New York minute to join the hike and learn about the farm (sorry, Jim)!