Monday, September 7, 2009

We're in Business at the Boat Club

Rich Skudlarek models the latest yachting apparel at the Silent Waters Canoe Launch (and we also allow kayaks, john boats, and inflatables if they are not too trendy). The access is on Constitution Boulevard North across from the Intermediate School. Rich & I cleared out the puckerbrush on Saturday along the road & set up the sign after we got pipes for the scouts & stopped at the big EMS tag sale. You can now park and safely off load your boat for some easy paddling fun along the RecPath.

Here is a photo of the improved canoe ramp and lake. I added 2 Gator loads of rip rap, plus some larger rocks that were scavenged. The ramp could use a few more stones in the end, but I was running out of steam on Labor Day afternoon, so everybody bring a rock to add when you go boating. I had a number of folks come up to me and ask if they could canoe/fish/hike here (I really have got to work on keeping a straight face when I offer to sell those special Shelton Open Space Passes for $5 cash). But no, I always tell them the truth; that they can enjoy the park for free. I had some people come up and ask what City Department I worked for, and after I got done laughing, I said it's all volunteers folks. You get out of it what you put into it. Hopefully some people sign up at the Shelton Trails website for our upcoming work parties.

The lake is small & shallow so it's a good place for families with kids learning to paddle.

It was nice seeing everybody out using the greenway. There were people out fishing, walking their dog, couples strolling, and families biking. I chatted with one nice guy who was surprised to see the canoe launch, and then went home & brought his brother back to show him where to launch their boat. They had been carrying their boat up & over the dam (they said it was way more work than using our new canoe ramp). I hope they get a big bass next time they're here.

Enjoy the canoe launch & please pick up whatever trash you see. Happy paddling from your friends at Shelton Trails.
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  1. Where did you get the wooden Indian next to the sign?

  2. I wouldn't say things like that if I were you.
    I think that Pete & Jim also have administrator rights & Photo Shop

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