Saturday, September 12, 2009

Golf in Open Spaces

Where do all the golf balls come from?

Wherever we work on trails and open spaces in Shelton we find golf balls. I often wondered how they got there. Some were near open areas or ball fields that I just assumed guys went to practice hitting balls. But some were well back in the woods, in swamps, or far out along the trails. I was a non-golfer and could never understand how golf balls became so ubiquitous. I think that after a few million years when they find a layer of fossil golf balls in all the rocks they'll call this the little white ball age.

I had never played golf before this year when Bill Dyer kindly gave me a set of his legacy clubs to play in a charity tournament (luckily I had good partners so we didn't finish last, so my objective was achieved). I had a good time playing in the tournament; I can see now why my friends like playing this game. I have since taken to thwacking balls in the back yard or at driving ranges for the fun of it. It's grown into a weird obsession; like eating pistachio nuts, you can't have just one - it has to be a bunch. I'm gradually coming to understand that you have to be a little nutty to like golf.

Well I've also finally found out where all the golf balls come from on the trails:

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  1. I've always thought that golfers were a little squirrely!