Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rocknappers & Wallhangers

Here's a copy of the new display at the Community Center. Most of the CFPA Trails Day flyers were already gone, but more just came in Friday. I placed copies of the revised RecPath Flyers & CFPA brochures in the Red Barn. Feel free to post information where you think it'll do some good. I also added information to the Pine Lake & Turkey Trot Kiosks. The Hope Lake, Rt. 108, and Mill St. kiosks still need to be done.

I was walking on the RecPath last night by Silent Waters to see how the rocks that Bridges & Highways dropped off could be used. I think we need some more finer gravel, not just the rip rap. But while I was there some guy backed in with a trailer and was going to start rocknapping until I walked up and said Hi, whatcha up to here. He innocently asked if I knew what the pile of rocks was for & if it was OK to take some. I said No, you can't take any - it's for the Trails volunteers on Saturday & gave him the whole song & dance number, with 3 part harmony, & he drove away. I swear - you put a pile of fire wood or rocks alongside the road & it draws a bigger crowd than if we served free barbacue and cold beer. Hey - come to think of it maybe we should.....

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