Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oak Valley Guided Hike

About a dozen hikers met at the powerline crossing over Shelton Ave and hiked Oak Valley Trail. The picture above is Guide Terry saying something informative about Hope Lake, or maybe he was just making up stories, I wasn't really paying attention. Pink Lady Slippers were blooming at this spot but my picture didn't turn out very well.

Same location at Hope Lake. We call it "The Point" but the water was too high to walk out onto it, although Emma looked like she might try anyway.

We took a brief detour up the orange trail to the newly planted Eklund Native Species Garden, thanks to a grant from Iroquois. We got the typical reaction from some of the hikers: A slightly bewildered "What IS this place?" You just don't expect sidewalks, stonework, and gardens off in the woods along a trail. Which is one reason the garden is fun.

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