Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Saturday "work party"

Jim Taradine finds a friend in Eklund Garden. After treading on Jim's hand, we hope that the salamander washes its feet before eating!
"Rusty" wanders off, free to pursue salamander stuff.
One of the many colorful shrubs along the Dominick Trail
Not content with hours of trimming, pruning, and clearing on the Dominick Trail, Lynn Reid attempts to uproot a dead tree trunk (or is she doing chin-ups?).
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  1. And I just got done putting things up at the bulletin board at the Community Center. Maybe we should get Lynn a saw for her birthday so she won't have to pull the brush out by the roots. I dropped off some CFPA flyers at the Com. Center, but they'll probably go quickly.

  2. That's a red eft and highbush blueberry. Last week I saw four of the red efts along Lizard Lane in the pouring rain.

  3. That previous comment was Teresa, not Terrance. Same computer, though.