Sunday, August 23, 2020

Storm Status of Shelton's Trails

Updated 8/30/2020
Storm Isaías Damage Status
At Shelton Lakes:
Rec Path: The entire 4-mile Rec Path has been cleared and most of the sticks and leaves removed.
Paugussett at Shelton Lakes: Cleared from Buddington Rd to Shelton Ave.
Nells Rock Trail: Cleared
Oak Valley Trail: Cleared and raked.
Turkey Trot Trail: Cleared. Note: Broken boards on small bridge from blowdown. 
Dog Paw Path: Cleared
Basil Brook Bypass: Cleared
Basil Brook Falls Trail: Large blowdown that predated the storm. Hikers can duck under it. 
SIS path (yellow square): This trail needs maintenance work. 

At Indian Well: 
All the blazed trails at Indian Well, including Tahmore Trail, have been cleared of major blowdowns. Tahmore Trail was tidied up with a leaf blower. 

Paugussett Trail ("blue dot"): 
All cleared except for a large step-over log just north of the chimney at Birchbank (low priority).  Trail sections to the north of the Shelton/Monroe border are maintained by a different trail manager and are mostly unknown, but it is clear from the Webb Mtn park road north to the Lake Zoar overlook. 

Nicholdale Farm/Willis Woods:
Nichols Trail: Cleared
Pearmain Path: Good.
Stockmal & Willis Trails: Cleared except for a tree trunk that needs more work near the entrance. 

Other trails: 
Boehm Pond Trails: All trails cleared and hit with a leaf blower.
Gristmill Trail: Good. 
Little Pond Trail: Cleared
Bluff Walk at Riverview Park: Unknown
Birchbank Trail (white): Cleared. There are a number of "step-over" logs across this trail that were left intentionally to discourge wheeled traffic.  One 3-ft diameter tulip tree log near the trailhead needs to be cut, and a more recent smaller step-over log just before you get to it. There is also a large blowdown next to the lower bridge, but this primarily impacts the unmarked neighborhood access trail, not the main trail. The Little Fox Access trail is reportedly blocked with some limbs.
Birchbank Connector (blue/white): good

How to help: If you know the condition of a section of trail we have listed as "unknown," send your status to 

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