Saturday, August 22, 2020

More Storm Clean-Up: The Maybeck Hickory

The clean-up from Tropical Storm Isaias continues.  One large blow down blocking the Paugussett Trail was a large twin hickory on the Maybeck Open Space between Constitution Blvd. and Meadow Street.

It was a big sucker.  Heavy too.  With multiple tops.  Here's Mark & Luis for scale. 

It was a big tree.  Wonder if it made a noise when it came down?

 This is the view at the tops and branches.

We were going to cut out a limb in front and one in the back so you could wiggle under and the over the blowdown.  The twin trees were splintered at the base from the storm and one log was balanced on the other.  Relocating the trail around the blow down entirely wasn't practical due to briars and the stone wall.  The walk along the stone wall has nice views of the adjoining meadow that we wanted to keep.

So we started cutting and taking turns.  We gradually whittled the tops down, taking weight off the rest of the tree.

As one section was cut other sections shifted and moved.  Spotters kept an eye of the tree as Mark was cutting.  It was definitely a sporty blowdown.

Gradually, enough of the tree was cleared that we decided to open up the trail more.

 Lots of cutting to open up the trail.

Luis used the Peavie to roll some of the heavy logs out of the way.  I hope his back is feeling ok tonight. We also used crow bars and wedges a lot to move the logs and keep the saws from getting stuck.

At the end we had success.  It was hot, and sweaty, but the trail is open and nobody was injured.

Further down the trail an oak tree had fallen across a small hickory and was lodged over the trail.  It didn't seem to be going anywhere, so we decided this could be left for another day.  Remember to walk briskly when you're hiking under trees or branches lodged up in the air.

On a related note; Eversource has crews working along the powerlines cutting trees and brush.  They were making a mess earlier in the week blocking several trails with tree tops and limbs where they cross the powerlines.  They are going around today cleaning some of that up with a brushhog.  Be aware of this utility construction when hiking trails near the powerlines.

One of the areas cut by Eversource along the powerlines.        

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  1. Very impressive effort on a hot day. What a massive tree. Great work with no obvious injuries. Although there may have been some sore backs and joints this morning. Thanks to you the Paugussett Trail is back in business.