Saturday, May 16, 2020

Shelton Trail Committee is Safe Outdoors

The Corona Pandemic isn't coming at a good time for trail work.  The Shelton Trails Committee has had to cancel the last two trails committee meetings, several work parties, and a guided hike.  All of this during our busy season when things are growing.  We finally were able to meet in safety however;

in a parking lot, spaced 6 feet apart.  It was good to see everybody finally over coffee and doughnuts.  (Sorry for chopping off Bill's head in the photo).  Mostly we were socializing.  Everyone discussed the record use the trails and open spaces were getting during the pandemic while businesses and schools are shut down.

We are going to have to adapt our normal trail operations for the time being.  Trail work is going on, but just differently.  Unlike some other towns that closed their trails and greenways, Shelton has decided to keep our open spaces open.  Shelton has 30 miles of trails on nearly 2,000 acres of open space.  There's plenty of room for people to spread out if we do it smartly.  We did discuss some of the problems and good things we've seen along the trails:

  • Space yourselves out.  If you just pass someone on a trail outside you probably are safe, but wear a mask when being close to people and avoid big meet-ups.  Please everybody be smart.
  • Spread out much more than 6 feet if your running or biking with others.
  • Be respectful of the trails and other users.  Some people go for a walk on the trails to relax and enjoy nature.  Remember that not everyone wants to hear about your cousin's hairstyle from a quarter mile away.
  • Don't vandalize things or dump trash.  We don't have enough volunteers to go around as it is.
  • If you see some trash along the trails please pick it up.
  • Keep your dog on a leash, and walk on the right along the Recreation Path.  Mind the extend-a-leash too so it doesn't trip anybody.
  • If you're biking or running give good notice to walkers who may not hear you coming up behind them before passing them, and stop if you have to.
  • Try some other trails than the RecPath to minimize congestion there.  Consider trying the Shelton 2020 Out and About Challenge to explore our other trails around town.
  • There will be no organized public work parties for the near future.  We can't have a dozen people working elbow to elbow right now.  Mini-work groups will probably be onesies and twosies, or by invitation only.  Feel free to clip brush and briars along your favorite trail however.
  • Please report any issues or blowdowns.  
  • We'd like to extend A BIG Thanks to all our Trail Monitors for keeping up the reports.
  • The National Trails Day Hike on June 6th will be cancelled.  The trails at Indian Well and Tahmore Open Space are in great shape after a lot of hard work, and we encourage you to enjoy that hike as a DIY event.  CFPA is sponsoring many other DIY events around the state this year.
  • Take the kids out hiking, biking, fishing, picnicking, or nature observing.
  • Enjoy the Shelton's Trails and Open Spaces.  And try the 2020 Out & About Challenge.
People fishing at Hope Lake

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