Sunday, May 24, 2020

Out and About on Memorial Day Weekend.

There was some new developments and scenic areas along Shelton's trails this weekend.  The new bridge at Lane Street is nearing completion, and the sidewalk is open, sort of.

Here's Ollie bringing his human back from a walk on the Recreation Path.  The bridge has been closed to pedestrian traffic for the last couple of weeks when the temporary bridge was removed.  But the new sidewalks are open (watch your step - the rest of construction is still going on), so that folks from the neighborhood can walk from the RecPath to Huntington Center.

New signs were installed on the Paugussett Trail at Indian Wells.  The new signs direct people to the new Blue/Red trail that leads them back from the Falls to the Beach entrance at the park, which avoids walking on the road and is much safer.

 People out enjoying the waterfall at Indian Well.

Further up the road at Birchbank Mountain, the Birchbank Trail had a lush growth of Blue Cohosh growing near The Notched Log.

Uphill along Birchbank Trail, there was some Cinnamon fern growing next to some Maple-leafed viburnum along Upper White Hills Brook.

Along River Road, a number of families were out fishing and picnicking at Southbank Open Space, along the Housatonic River.

 While the azaleas were blooming over at the Bushinsky Arboretum near Trumbull.  It's a good weekend to be Out and About in Shelton.

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