Saturday, March 14, 2020

Spring Trail Clearing Season Has Begun

After a mild winter it looks like we're in for an early Spring in 2020.  It's not even Saint Patrick's Day & the Red Maples are flowering.  Or so my allergies tell me.  So to get a jump on the Spring season a group of trail volunteers split up into two parties and cleaned up the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path at Silent Waters.

Here's Evan, Ben, Natalia, Jim & Mark after the work party.  We didn't get many photos of people actually working this time, but we had a good turn out.

The greenbriar was already leafing out.  We started cutting back anything with thorns along the RecPath so it wouldn't be in the way later in the season.  We also tried to cut back invasive species like Burning Bush, and Japanese Barberry; which can harbor ticks. 

There was a variety of brush just starting to bud out along the trails.  In general we tried to clean up the sides of the RecPath for spring.  Volunteers also raked and blew off leaves and debris from the Path.

Some sections of timber rail fencing were replaced along the north dam.  One post had rotten over the winter and it wasn't practical to replace it when the ground was frozen.  Some of the rails were also replaced. 

Elsewhere people were clearing out along the RecPath down to the schools toward Meadow Street.  Thanks to everybody who came out to help; Owen, Ellen, Mary, Evan, Ben, Graham, Natalia, Jim, Mark, Bob, Bill & Terry.  You can get a lot done quickly when you get a good turn out.  See you again in two weeks at Independence Drive.  Check out the work parties and events section for the upcoming trails schedule.

The trails were very popular this morning from some reason.  It could have been the excellent spring weather, or possibly folks were getting some fresh air and exercise as a response to the Coronavirus.   Whatever the reason, you may not be able to find any toilet paper at Walgreens, but you can find 30 miles of trails in Shelton that are free and open for business.  Great for nature observation and social distancing.

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