Sunday, March 1, 2020

2020 Marshmallow March Madness

It was a clear, cold, and blustery March First - perfect day for a walk in the woods, and for toasted marshmallows.  The wind was a little chilly, but that didn't stop anybody from hiking the trails at Nicholdale in the White Hills of Shelton on Sunday.

Dozens of families showed up.  We think it was about 60 people and 10 dogs, but after a while it was hard to keep up. 

Bill lead the pack seeking warm and food into the scout camp.

Where Mark & Jim had the fire going and ready.  And that's when The Marshmallow Madness began.

Families were having a great time toasting marshmallows.  Bob Wood brought graham crackers and chocolate.  Somebody brought hot chocolate.  Bill Dyer brought hot coffee.  I think that we even remembered to bring cups.  It was a great pit stop.

In a magnificent effort to up the sugar ante this year; Ryan & Joe Welsh brought locally-made maple syrup and mini-pancakes for everyone.  And, they were delicious. 

Joe even labeled some of the syrup with the Shelton Land Trust Logo since some of the trees that were tapped were at Nicholdale on the Land Trust's property.

The hike was good for families of all ages.  It's never too young to get the next generation of hikers outside.  The strollers were good in the open fields.  The blue trails were a little rougher.

All the doggies were well behaved and everybody got along fine.

Young Remington was on his first Marshmallow March, but he was here last year too.  He was born on the same day as the hike last year; so we feel that he should count as a repeat participant.

A number of the younger hikers kept coming over to Jim and Mark and asking if it was OK to add more wood to the fire.  The guys said "sure, go ahead", what could go wrong.  Well we did have to stomp out a few small leaf fires on a blustery day,  but everything turned out fine.  The Land Trust's property survived intact.   The gang was having a great time running around with flaming marshmallows, s'mores, hot chocolate, and maple syrup and pancakes.  I'm sure all the parents had a nice quite afternoon, once the sugar high wore down.

We had a great turn-out, possibly our most successful Marshmallow Marches ever.  We're glad that all the families had a great time getting outdoors enjoying open spaces and walking, running, and hiking.

Eventually we did complete the blue loop along Nicholdale Brook and back to the parking lot.  Other folks headed back thru the meadows.  Jim, Mark & Bill put out the fires.  And everyone made it home.

It was another get event on the Shelton Land Conservation Trust property.  They are a great local charity if people are interested in joining.  Nicholdale is a fine location to enjoy and observe scenic vistas and wildlife throughout the year.  Thanks to all the volunteers who came out,  and who the participants who got to explore the preserve.

Daylight savings is one week away and Spring is around the corner.  There's plenty of chances to come back again.

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