Sunday, December 30, 2018

Fixing Flooding

We had a lot of local street flooding a week ago Friday, which caused some washouts on some of the trails.  Some of the worst were along the Recreation Path near the Dog Park at Nells Rock Road.  And then it rained all day this past Friday when one of the volunteers checked out runoff issues with a member of the Parks Department.  So yesterday some of the Trails Committee and volunteers fixed some of the worst washouts along the RecPath.

Bill & Jim dug out the drainage ditch on the uphill side of the RecPath just above the Nells Rock Rd. parking lot.  The water from the hillside jumped out of the ditches capacity and scoured out the side of the RecPath.

Meanwhile, Mark and Jose used the Gator to ferry loads of crushed stone to fill in the wash outs where runoff from the Dog Park parking lot washed thru the big flower bed and eroded the RecPath.

Terry & Bill shoveled up washed out material from elsewhere and filled in the worst holes so nobody would trip.  Some more permanent drainage solutions are in order, but the most serious issues were fixed by volunteers yesterday.  There were a lot of folks out walking and running the RecPath in the unseasonably warm weather.  We got a number of thank yous from people going by.  Everyone should be aware if changing trail conditions and storm damage as they are enjoying the open spaces. 

Have you ever wondered about what being a on town committee in Shelton entails?  How glamorous and exciting is it?  Well here's Bill Dyer, Chairman of the Shelton Trails Committee fixing erosion on the RecPath over the Christmas Vacation.  I don't know if other City committee members actually have to fix the infrastructure they oversee, but the Trails Committee does.  And we're always grateful for the volunteers that have helped out.  Thanks to Jose, Mark, Jim, Bill & Terry for today's repairs.  Have a Happy New Year on the trails.

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