Thursday, January 10, 2019

2018 Summary and 2019 Goals

Here's our summary of 2018 and some goals for 2019. 

Total Hours and Value: The Trails Committee recorded 1200 volunteer hours for 2018. This does not include meetings, events, trail monitors, or anonymous volunteers. The value of this volunteer labor is $36,288 (based on $30.24/hr value for Connecticut volunteers per Independent Sector.) There were 23 formal work parties held along with numerous smaller ad hoc work parties.

Events: There were six public guided hikes, including the National Trails Day hike held in June, a full moon hike, spring wildflower hike, and a marshmallow march.

2018 Accomplishments: 
  • Volunteers maintained 28 miles of trails during the 2nd wettest year in Bridgeport history.
  • Stockmal and Willis Trails were created
  • Cleared extensive tree damage from February storms (7 hrs/mile)
  • Implemented a Trails Monitoring programs
  • Kept vegetation at bay throughout a very wet summer
  • Cleared more fallen trees after a severe storm in May
  • Installed routered trail signs at Nicholdale Farm and Willis Woods
  • Repaired erosion damage after a 7" rainfall in September
  • Rerouted steep sections of the Paugussett Trail at Birchbank, Indian Well, and Thoreau Drive
  • Constructed steps for the Paugussett Trail at Princess Wenonah drive
  • Installed artwork along the Poet Path (Paugussett Trail) at Princess Wenonah Drive
  • Installed a trailside fence along the property line south of Thoreau Drive
  • Installed a Birchbank entry side at the border of Indian Well and "roadwalk ahead" signs at Birchbank and the Poet Path. 
  • Rerouted a section of Turkey Trot trail to bypass a wet section
Scout Projects
  • Josh Andes constructed benches along the Rec Path
2019 Trail Goals 
  • Create a new Pearmain Path loop, making use of the new Pearmain Preserve open space
  • Begin the "Big Loop" trail connecting Nicholdale to Indian Well. Also, rename the trail.
  • Address wet area on Paugussett Tr. north of Independence Drive and add a bridge. 
  • Fix up all traihead kiosks and landscape trailheads
  • Encourage the City to beautify the Rec Path entrance at Pine Lake (including gate house and filtration house)
  • Install additional signage at Rec Path trail junctions
  • Secure a contractor to provide more routine Rec Path mainenance during the growing season.
  • Promote a pedestrian bridge across Means Brook to connect Stockmal Trail to the Trombetta Woods open space (currently not accessible)
  • Create new trail map and brochure for Shelton Lakes
  • Support extension of the Paugussett Trail south of Buddington Road, which would require a significant redesign of the Shelter Ridge proposal. 

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