Friday, November 9, 2018

Paugussett Reroute at the Monroe Border

"After" - Reroute at the top of the obsolete stairs
A long set of steep stairs have been rotting near the Monroe border. New steps are a lot of work, and expensive, too. Purchasing, cutting, and hauling new timbers and stakes is a big job, and that's just the beginning. And then the steps have to keep getting replaced every ten years or so.

"Before" - Top of the rotting stairs
This year, a bypass route was dug into the side of the steep hill, made possible in part by a recent land survey. The stairs were replaced by a switchback that takes hikers directly to the bottom of the hill.
New switchback helps replace the stairs
It was a lot of digging in, but not much more work than replacing the stairs, and it's definitely less work in the long run.

Lower leg of the switchback
Even so, it was a lot of muddy work. Lots of rain this season.

Trail had to be dug into the side of the hill during some wet weather
The crossing location for Round Hill Brook was also moved, so instead of continuing downhill along the brook, crossing into Monroe, and then following the brook back up the hill, the trail crosses immediately into Webb Mountain Park. The new crossing location is immediately below the old stairs.

Round Hill Brook and the Shelton-Monroe town line at Webb Mtn Park
The old stream crossing had become very difficult. Maybe it was once easier with stepping stones, but those stones washed out. The new location is much easier to cross, even when the water is a bit high.

Joining the old route at Webb Mtn Park
Once across the stream, it's only a few feet of new trail in Monroe before the old Paugussett route is rejoined.

The old Paugussett Route was converted to blue/red at Webb Mtn. 

The abandoned Paugussett route in Monroe was reblazed to blue/red, since people definitely walk this old road along the brook. It leads to the orange and red trails near the camping area (the red trail leading to Goat Rock overlook). The blue/red blaze signifies a trail connecting the blue and red trails. Previously, a portion of this route was unblazed and a bit confusing.

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  1. The re-route opens up some nice views of the brook that most people don"t know about. It's much easier to walk than the old stairs & well worth exploring a bit.